Some people perceive "thyroid" and believe it is a code of “fat". It is not right, and not fair! Thyroid problems can create it harder to drop weight, but it's possible. 

What is the Thyroid?

The thyroid is a small gland, looked like a butterfly, is calmed of two cone-like lobes or wings and placed in the lower part of your neck. The function of a gland is to keep secret hormones. The thyroid gland manage how immediately the body uses energy, generate proteins, and manage how sensitive the body is to other hormones. The main hormones liberated by the thyroid are triiodothyronine, shortened as T3, and thyroxin, shortened as T4. These thyroid hormones transfer energy to cells of the body. In the body the thyroid is one of the big endocrine glands. Thyroid disorder are prevalent in women of child-bearing age and for this reason commonly present in pregnancy. In pregnancy, fetal and maternal well-being are effected unfavorable by uncorrected thyroid dysfunction

An autoimmune disease is known Graves' disease . An autoimmune disease normally influence the thyroid, commonly causing it to expand to twice its size or more (goiter), become overactive, with related hyperthyroid symptoms such as augmenting heartbeat, muscle weakness, uncomplete sleep, and bad temper. It can also harms the eyes. It also influences other parts of the body, accepting the skin, heart, circulation and nervous system. It’s symbols and symptoms of Graves' disease almostly all result from the direct and not direct effects of hyperthyroidism, with main omissions being Graves’ diesease ophthalmopathy, goiter and pretibial myxedema, caused by the autoimmune processes of the disease. One of the following characteristic signs Graves' disease may there clinically:.

Exophthalmos (protuberance of single or both eyes).
Fatigue, weight loss with raised appetite, and other symptoms of hyperthyroidism/thyrotoxicosis.
fast heart beats.
Muscular weakness.


Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). Hypothyroidism is the most normal type of thyroid disorder, where the thyroid builds too small of the thyroid hormone that your body wants to function in right way. Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). When the thyroid gland is Hyperthyroidism, it creating so much of the thyroid hormone which your body needs to be healthy. By this condition women is more affectted than men. Hyperthyroidism is mostly caused in young women by graves disease. Postpartum thyroiditis. After giving birth, a woman's thyroid can enlarge and grow to be bigger or agitate. Changing of thyroid hormone levels in the body is caused by this. Consistently low levels of thyroid hormone can followed high levels of thyroid hormones. Thyroid cancer. This type of cancer is most frequently found as a block or nodule in the thyroid gland. It is uncommon type of cancer and many thyroid nodules are is bining , not cancer. .